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This was the latest purchase to improve quality. It screens the dried parchemnt coffee, hulls the green seed out of the shell, and removes broken beans and foreign material (sticks, etc.). To bring the farm up to BSCA standards and upgrade the equipment, Tulio had to take out loans. In fact, his brother runs a traditional farm, pulls all the coffee to the ground, and sells it all to the local market. He makes no investment in money, time or effort, and reaps the commercial price. Tulio is trying a 180 opposite approach, producing Specialty grade coffee, and constantly honing his technique. While his brother scoffs, he also keeps an eye on the improvements, and to see if it pays off in the end for Tulio. If it doesn't Tulio will be in a financial hole, and have spent a huge amount of effort for naught. It's up to the coffee buyers to reward Specialty quality with special prices, to make the effort worth it.