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Nicaragua and El Salvador January 2006 Travelogue

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I headed out to find the Bourbon cultivar. I had to collect seeds for my little Oakland coffee garden. Nope - yellow.
Okay, it's Bourbon, and it is red ... there is also "Roseado" bourbon that is pink, basically.
Bourbon of a different color. It's amazing to me that this is a stable, reproducable plant, not simply an occasional freak tree.
New tips on the Bourbon are green.
We also looked over the style of this farm (which each individual farm foreman is allowed to customize to local conditions and their ideas). This farm is heavily shaded ...
... and the foreman was proud to show me the heavy production and even ripening in the shaded areas. Cafe Sombra - it works.
Alas, time to go back to my world; Maria, the dogs, the icy cold warehouse, and bazillion emails and cupping samples. Well we can't all live on volcanos, but I fully enjoy my perogative to visit them from time to time.

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