Glossary beginning with H

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Sometimes the term Hacienda is used to imply an Estate, which would mean the farm has it's own wet-mill. A Finca (farm) does not necessarily have a mill. Finca is not a coffee-specific term.

Hand Sorting

Practiced around the world, with both wet processed and dry processed coffees, hand sorting is generally the final step in the preparation of specialty coffees. Whether on conveyor belts or tables, the work of hand sorting is usually done by women at the mill just before coffee is bagged and labeled for export. Hand sorting removes any defective (small, broken, or discolored) that were not caught by the optical color sorter (if it was used). In the most sophisticated and the most basic coffee processing alike, hand sorting is crucial for controlling the quality of the cup.

Hearthware Roaster

A company that makes several of the home air roasters we have stocked: the Precision (now discontinued), the iRoast (no longer in stock), and the iRoast2 (our current model).


We use this metric term often to discuss the size of coffee farms. The hectare is a unit of area, defined as being 10000 square metres, is primarily used in the measurement of land. 1 Hectare = 10000 Square Meters = 2.471 acres


A flavor descriptor in coffee reminiscent of herbs, usually meaning aromatic, savory, leafy dried herbs. Usually, more specific descriptions are given, whether is is a floral herb, or sage-like, etc. In reality, there are very different herbal notes, from grassy types, to dried vegetal, to floral, to green. It could hint at rustic qualities, it could indicate an unclean cup flavor, or it could also be a clean and refined cup quality. So it is important to look at the context the term is used within.


Hibrido means "Hybrid" in latin languages, and in Central America is used to mean Bourbon cultivar.

Hibrido De Timor

Hibrido de Timor is a cross between Robusta and Timor Arabica, abbreviated HdT. It was a source plant for Catimor cultivar, and has excellent resistance to the widespread fungal problem, Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR). In Indonesia it is sometimes called TimTim. It was first collected in East Timor in 1978 planted in Aceh in 1979, and in Flores 1980 where the variety is called Churia.


This descriptor is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of animal hides, similar to leathery. It is not necessarily considered as a negative attribute but is generally used to describe strong notes. Hidey flavors can be found in Yemeni coffees as part of their rustic qualities, but in a clean coffee such as a Ethiopia wet-process, hidey would certainly be a defect flavor.

High Grown

High Grown, or HG, is the highest quality Mexican coffee designation but in Nicaragua it would be the second altitude tier. The highest in Nicaragua is SHG or Strictly High Grown.

HotTop Coffee Roaster

A home drum roaster with a 9oz capacity, adjustable heat and airflow profiling, and an external cooling tray.


Hulling is the step at the dry mill where the green coffee bean is removed from the parchment shell. (See Wet Hulled for the Indonesia method).