At the winning farm Bosque Lya, the winning farm-owners in Santa Ana. This coffee was 100% Bourbon, grown at 1500 meters to 1600 meters, on a steep volcanic slope.

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Here is some additional detail on the winning farm:

Bosque Lya which in English means LyaŐs Forest was named after its actual owner by her father Gustavo Vides, who began planting the farm with Bourbon and Typica varieties. Lya vividly remembers when her father was planting the farm as he would take her on horseback up the mountain over winding dirt roads through established coffee plantings and forested areas. Lya and her family, her father Gustavo Vides, her mother Luz and her two sisters Mirna and Enna lived on another farm next to a small village at the base of a mountain named Las Cruces. From Las Cruces Lya would ride on her horse alongside her father up to what is now Bosque Lya at an elevation of 1500 meters to supervise the land preparation and the planting of the coffee seedlings. Those were beautiful days of her youth years next to her loving father, among a coffee forest topped at its highest elevation, over 1800 meters, with a natural mountainous humidity, misty forest and abundant wildlife. Gustavo Vides Valdez, began planting this farm in the late 1800Ős, he personally supervised the plantings and divided his farm in conveniently sized plots or ŇTablonesÓ which due to his love for the State of California, he named them after places he liked and visited in the Golden State. Specifically places with Spanish names such as, Monterrey, San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto and La Jolla. Nowadays, the family follows this tradition. On April 23, 1950 Lya married Eduardo Castaneda Molina who owned a neighboring farm in Las Cruces, in fact the one right next to where Lya lived. They had seven beautiful children, five girls, Lya Ana, Maria Luisa, Maria Teresa, Ena Beatriz, Mirna Luz and two boys, Eduardo and Luis Alejandro. The farm is located on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range, 8 kilometers west from the crater of the Santa Ana volcano or Ilamatepec. The soil is a clay sandy loam with organic matter content in most cases exceeding 7 percent. Coffee is shaded mainly by a nitrogen-fixing tree of the genus Inga but also in a much lesser scale with other trees such as, wild mountain cherimoyas, a native tree called Aliso, Silk Oaks, and a variety of autochthonous trees which either provide good lumber or fruits for wildlife. The property also has about thirty two hectares of forest with many native flora species and fauna such as white tail deer, foxes, skunks, squirrels, wild cats, armadillos, and other small mammals. But the most spectacular and audio-pleasing experience is listening all day long, but especially in the afternoons, the musical concert played by the myriad migratory and native birds. Although Lya has been directly and actively involved in this coffee farm, their son-in-law Jose Rafael Molina known to the family as Joe, Agronomy major from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona began working and helping in 1976 with everything related to the production phase. To this day he is managing Bosque Lya but always under the active and direct involvement of Lya.

Location: Cant—n Las Cruces, Chalchuapa, Santa Ana Coffee Region Reference: Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range Farm Average Altitude: 1,590 Meters (5,216 feet) above sea level Total Area: 92 Mz (64.4 Ha.) Coffee Area: 45 Mz (31.5 Ha.) Coffee Varieties: Bourbon mainly Average Age of trees: 25 to 30 years old Density: 4,000 trees/Ha. Agricultural Practices: Conventional Other Crops: Strawberries, figs, raspberries, peaches and some 33 Ha. preserve as natural forest. Average Annual Rainfall: 1,900mm Average Temperature: 20ĽC Month(s) of Flowering: April Number of Flowerings: 2-3 Type of Soil: Clay sandy loam Type of Shade: Pepeto peludo, wild mountain cherimoyas, silk oaks, aliso, pink apple trees, copalchi, gravileo, cypress, tatascamite, guachipilin, among others. Annual Production: 950 bags (60kg) Mill and company where lot was process: Cooperativa Cuzcachapa de R.L.