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Sliding Into August With Four New Coffees

August 1, 2014

Brazil Dry Process Fazenda IP Yellow Bourbon is another nice natural from Carmo de Minas region, bodied, sweet, cocoa and dried fruit - makes great brewed cup and espresso.

Guatemala Antigua - Finca Pavon is a stunner dual-use coffee, raw sugar sweetness, and moderate highlights make for a super clean and balanced cup.

Guatemala Huehuetenango El Turbante shows apple sweetness and nut...a nice Huehue coffee.

Workshop Blend #32 - MLA This dual use blend is versatile in every way, made up of washed Guatemala and Ethiopia, as well as 1 part dry-process Ethiopia, deeply sweet, fruited, and bodied from light to dark roast levels. As espresso or a brewed coffee, this one is sure to keep em' talking!

RoAsteD Coffee! Ethiopa Aleta Wondo - Haraicho Station & Panama Boquete Finca San Sebatstian


Two CITY roasts that demonstrate great origin character! If you are not an ongoing subscriber you can order one or both of these coffees while we have them in stock. (click the coffee names below to go directly to the roasted offer)


Panama Boquete Finca San Sebastian has a very sweet sugary scent in the dry grounds and caramel sweet tones onces it's been extracted. There is nice body right up front and as the cup cools the crispness snaps like a green apple.  


Ethiopia Aleta Wondo - Harichio Station is incredibly clean with an amazing aroma both ground and brewed. Lots of citrus fruits and tea like flavors with a beautiful sweet finish! 


Green coffee offer- Panama Boquete Finca San Sebastian

Green coffee offer- Ethiopia Aleta Wondo - Harichio Station

My favorite travel mug

My favorite home coffee roasting book


- Danny Goot :)


Campin' and Roastin'...and Brewin'


Danny's been roasting coffee with very large commercial sized machines for a long time and has never tried roasting with a Whirley Pop popcorn popper. On his last camping trip, he took a Whirley with him and roasted a few batches.


Method 1: Large camp stove


Method 2: Single burner backpacking stove


Brew it!...using a #6 filtercone and a Nissan Thermos.

Three new coffees are available and ready to go!


Guatemala Cuilco - Finca El Regalito has a dense brown sugar sweetness and fruits like golden raisin, apricot, plum and black currant. Malic acidity cuts through along with an undercurrent of bittersweet cocoa that lasts long into the finish.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Familia Castillo brings honeyed sweetness, roasted nuts, and fruited top notes. This lot builds chocolate flavors with roast and makes a great daily cup of coffee with a medium body.

Kenya Nyeri Rukira Peaberry showcases blackberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and citrus, in this dynamic cup. Flavors grow and shift as the cup cools, from jammy fruits, to citric high notes, to tart pomegranate, this coffee has it all in spades.

Podcast: The Burundi Coffee System

July 16, 2014


Tom describes the subjects of this podcast as "obscure details" but it's actually pretty interesting. We hope you enjoy his reflections on Burundi's coffee industry, production systems, colonial history, co-ops and other organizations.