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Three new coffees

Bolivia Organic Uchumachi y San Ignacio is a fairly straight forward cup, balanced, and with raw sugar and praline sweetness.

Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Konga has amazing fresh fruit flavors that are clean and with bright tones. Chocolate and developed sugars saturate the middle, and big body helps preserve this sweetness long into the finish.

Tanzania Bergfrieden Estate AB cups with refined sugar sweetness, herb tea complexity, and berry and dried fruit highlights. This is the first three of six new coffees to be added this week.

Roasted and ready to go: Tanzania Bergfrieden Estate AB & India Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain Peaberry

At the last minute we decided to switch out a coffee for the subscription roasts. We want to present a good comparative and contrast with our subscription offerings and the change we made does just that.


India Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain Peaberry (green was recently released on our offerings) was taken to a Full City roast where it will shine at its best. Mild, clean and surprisingly bright. It has a hazelnut and praline sweetness with baked apple and spice flavors. I also found some white pepper spiciness in the finish as it cooled. Fantastic body here as well.


Tanzania Bergrieden Estate AB is not available to purchase as a green coffee until this weekend. So, you get a sneak peek of this coffee before it's available to roast your own. I took this coffee to a City roast and puts forth raw sugar, apple, and golden raisin. It's a nice clean cup with well balanced acidity. 


-Danny Goot

How we do. How we roast. How we brew...with Danny Goot

Danny Goot manages our coffee manager and is in charge of the roasted coffee program here at Sweet Maria's. He keeps track of the ebb and flow of the thousands of pounds of different coffees that arrive by the truckload and leave just as quickly in home roaster sized increments. He's also pilots our Probat L12 roaster every other week as we crank out multiple batches for our roasted coffee customers. Like most of us, he has a general routine at home when it comes to roasting and brewing his own coffee.

In Danny's words...

"Every morning after I wake up, I let the dogs (Juno and Carlos) out, wake up my kids (Vida, Ari and Jerome) for school, then brew up a couple of cups of coffee for Jenney and I."


Two new coffees for the holiday weekend

We're headed into the weekend with two new coffees that side by side represent the rather wide spectrum of "rustic" sweetness. Sumatra Lintong 17+ Toba Batak is a syrupy sweet cup, with flavors of brown rice syrup, wild berry, and fresh herbs. It's one of the sweeter Lintong coffees we've tasted so far, and a welcome addition to the list as we are waiting on other new arrival Sumatras. Yemen Mokha Sharasi showcases earthy chocolate tones, rustic sugars, and flavors of roasted nut. It's a syrupy bodied coffee, and a fine example of naturally processed coffee from Yemen.

Roasting This Week: Costa Rica and Tanzania

We have so many great Costa Rica coffees right now, it would be a shame not to roast as many of them as we can before they sell out.

This Tuesday we will be roasting Costa Rica Helsar - Magdalena Vega. This coffee shines at a City+, so you can expect that it will be developed a little past first crack. The cup possesses the archetype of Costa Rica coffee character in nut-to-chocolate roast tastes and restrained sweetness of caramelized sugars that balance it out.

We will also be roasting Tanzania Bergfrieden AB which has yet to be offered on our coffee offerings page! This coffee brings forth golden raisin and apple. It's sweet to say the least, and has a deep raw sugar flavor from start to finish at a City+ roast.

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-Danny G