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Podcast:More About Coffee Lexicons

Tom and Chris Schooley sit down in Chris's kitchen to cup some coffees and talk about the information that Tom brought back from his meeting at Kansas State University where he met with sensory professionals. Please excuse the slurping and spitting noises that are common in every cupping room.

Here's three new coffees

Fazenda Sao Francisco Microlot - it's a fairly complex cup, not just for a Brazil, nicely fruited, sweet, and with relevant acidity

Brazil Pulp Natural Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon - Being a Pulped Natural, there is cleanliness to the cup profile with the 'richness' of chocolate and some nice dried fruits.

Colombia Huila WP Decaf. It's a refined decaf, with balanced sweetness and acidity. Have a great weekend!

Four new ones including a new Workshop blend.

We've had a bunch of new coffees land over the past few weeks so we decided it's time to put a few of them together for a nice, dual-use blend. Espresso Workshop #31 - 3rd Level is floral, bodied, deeply sweet and is a great example of why we started the Workshop series in the first place! It's comprised of new crop, washed Ethiopian, Guatemala coffees, as well as a bit of dry-processed Brazil.

Uganda Organic Cheema Kapchorwa has rustic sweetness, thick body, and surprisingly low acidity for an African coffee.

India Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain Peaberry is spiced and has flavors of praline nut - nice clean flavors.

Costa Rica Helsar - Manuel Macho Arce is a favorite of ours, boasting layered fruits and raw sugar sweetness.

Podcast: Tasting and Coffee Lexicons

We describe coffee as tasting like so many other things, fruits, sugars, caramels, candies, spices ... but the core coffee flavors are much more challenging to elucidate. I have come up with a term "coffee identity" akin to the basic taste identifying markers from other food and beverage flavor lexicons, and this podcast touches on the way we seek to focus and describe base coffee notes. There are so many tangets I could go off on here, and doubtless future podcasts on specific aspects of this material. -Tom

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We're going into the weekend on a high note

Hawaii Kona Kowali Farm Typica 2014 is a gem of a Hawaiian coffee, with developed sweetness and sparkling high notes. Hawaii for us is a short window as we buy such a limited quantity. As such, we are only offering 1 and 2 lb quantities.

Brazil Dry-Processed Conquista Farm has a sweet, and nutty characteristic that makes for a pleasing brewed cup as well as espresso. This one's body and sweetness all the way!