Gas Oven Roasting Method

Features: Can produce Full City to French roasts. Beans are not easily observed as other methods. Oven vents smoke. All ovens produce uneven roasts, which can actually add to the complexity of coffee flavor, but plain ol' electric ovens will roast too unevenly. The best oven I have roasted in was a very old, small chambered oven that could really put out the BTUs! Roasts more coffee per batch than any other method. All you need is a stainless steel wire mesh collander or a perforated pan and an oven. And heck, it's cheap to try it out! But it affords only a small chance of success in terms of roast quality ... really, try an Air Roasting method such as the air popper.

What You Need: A gas oven. A perforated pan, a vegetable steamer (the ones with the folding leaves that you normally place in a pot), or a stainless steel wire mesh collander (sometimes sold as a collander/strainer). The later is by far the best, allowing greater air movement around beans and producing more even roasts. It is available for about $5 - $9 at Target and other stores. A big spoon, a metal collander for cooling (unless you're roasting in one), and oven mitts.


Modifications and Refinements: We recommend Home Coffee Roasting by Ken Davids for more detailed roasting instructions, and a "convection oven" method. Check out the Lucidcafe link for excerpts from this book.