General La Pavoni Lever Model Espresso Observations From Sweet Maria's

This Page is for information only! I am sorry - we do not sell demo Pavoni hand-pull espresso machines and will not have them in stock again. Please look at our other Espresso Equipment --Tom

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These are just a list of personal opinions based on my experience ...yours may vary! I am neither the espresso techie, nor obsessive about the process. Others are, and I learn a lot by referring to them! (David Schommer, Ken Davids --we carry his book on espresso--, Barry Jarrett on, etc.)

Don't be rash with a Pavoni: electricity, water, heat and pressure are all present in sufficient amounts to make you regret impatience! These points are organized in no particular order of importance...

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Pavoni Lever Model Parts Lists and Diagrams

I dont think these can be found anywhere else on the web, so I wanted to share them with all you Pavoni-ites.

There are 2 different parts diagrams, and then corresponding list(s) for each. Click on the thumbnail images to view the larger scan. If you own a Pavoni, it would be wise to save these and/or print them for future reference:

Diagram 1

Diagram 1 Parts List

Diagram 2

Diagram 2 Parts Lists

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