Our Refund Policy

We hope you are happy with the home roasting supplies and green coffee you purchase from Sweet Maria's. We offer monetary refunds on unused and "as new" items returned in their original box. For used items we do not offer monetary refunds, but we will offer you credit toward future purchases.

Please be aware that much of the equipment we sell is ONLY intended for home coffee roasting. By using it for a purpose other than the one it was intended for, you most likely void the manufacturer's warranty. If equipment you purchase from Sweet Maria's fails prematurely please contact us.

We cannot offer "satisfaction guarantees" on items. We ask you to read descriptions and purchase in good faith, meaning that you are not purchasing with the intention of returning: this is devastating to any small business! Please email us with any comments, questions and complaints. We do not want you to keep something that you are really unhappy with, but often times we can advise you on the proper use of an item and resolve other issues through email and phone calls.

If you find that a coffee you selected is not matching the review, let us know as we can help figure out what the cause may be, the roasting, the brewing, or what. Different people do taste things differently - so, if something seems wrong, we will verify that you received the correct coffee and that there was no mistake in packaging the coffee. Tom does stand by his reviews - though that does not mean you will taste the same things as Tom does.

If you do need to return something - we do not use RMA#s, but we do have a return form. .

Our Back Order Policy

If we are out of stock on an item that you ordered - whether it is merchandise or coffee - or policy is to hold the order and contact the customer about the delay. You can then decide to make substitutions or delete an item - we will not ship partial orders. We do not charge an order until it is shipped. On coffee orders, we don't make substitutions since many customers spend a lot of time picking out coffee - and so we prefer to let customers know when something is out of stock and they can decide to replace it or delete it. On merchandise, we rely on our suppliers to tell us when an item ought to be back in stock - but we have no control over when it might actually arrive. We do our best to keep folks informed in case of delays - and if there is an item out of stock - we will always notify you by email.